Obama’s unemployment rate – Highest in 50-years

The highest unemployment rate in fifty years. Think about that when you go to the polls.

Is this Guy For Real?

Ed Shultz

Ed Shultz

Who is this guy? His name isĀ Ed Schultz and he has a show on MSNBC called the ED Show.

This man is one of the most wicked and rude men on television. it is obvious there is nothing but hatred in his heart for Republicans and anyone else that disagrees with his leftist agenda.

He is an absolute pig… In all of the years I have been watching politics, I have never seen someone so devoted to his hate of America. I might have to buy Microsoft products but I certainly will not watch their television station.

Take note, this is the type of person that votes Democrat and exists only to destroy your way of life because he hates his.

Obama Caves on Gay Marriage Because of Biden

With partners like VP Joe Biden, who needs enemies. Yes, VP Joe Biden went on a Sunday talk show and stated he as a person did not care whether a man on man, woman on woman etc got married.

So was this planned or another blunder by good old Joe? Within 3-days, President Obama went on world wide TV and stated he supports gay marriage. Oh really, three years ago he said he did not support gay marriage. The following video shows President Obama in an interview where he sternly makes his point that he is NOT for gay marriage.

He states, his Christian beliefs are not in support of gay marriage
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Rush: Media Use Gay Marriage Issue to Distract Public

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