Judge your candidate on their record

Hillary Clinton at senate hearingWritten by: Bruce Tedeschi

This may be the most important election of our lifetimes in 2016. It is an election that will require all of us to judge their candidate on their record. A generational name in politics should not be a ticket to the most powerful position in the world. Decisions should be made on the candidates record, their character, truthfulness, and results. Whether Democrat, Republican or Independent, the next POTUS should fit the job description. This is an executive level job on steroids. This position will affect 380-million people in the U.S. and world governments.

It is early in the process and many will enter the race and be eliminated in short order as the year progresses. Someone who exhibits true leadership and sound judgement should be the candidate you vote for. We must learn that the past seven-years has had a profound effect on the everyday man, woman and child. All of us see the middle east on fire and most of us working for less and longer. Who do you want to lead the country, someone who wants to give you a handout or hand up? We need our leader to allow us to get our dignity back. We are a proud people who have been forced to watch our country fall in the eyes of the world and view our futures grow dimmer.

So as you go forward, judge your candidate on their record of results, not a common surname in politics.

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