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2016 Republican Presidential Hopefuls

March 4th, 2015
2016 Republican Hopefuls

2016 Republican Hopefuls

2016 Republican Presidential Hopefuls

Yes it is that time again. Americans are ready for a change of POTUS and many Republican potential candidates are already lining up to get there message out. Currently Scott Walker is leading in several polls as a leader who gets results. His record of reform in Wisconsin is impressive and he is a straight shooter with a simple message, “Get Things Done”.

Our current POTUS has no accomplishments of note. In six years, he has added several trillion dollars to our national debt with no regard to future tax payers who will need to live with the changes that President Obama has enacted. In 2008, the country was memorized by Obama with his Greek columns and his tweets. It was obvious his promises of milk and honey could never be paid for unless the American citizens footed the bill. So after he was elected, four years passed with more debt and no accomplishments. Yet, in 2012, we re-elected Obama. Why? Because conservative stayed home thinking that it was a no brainer that Obama would lose because of his weak record. Well his base, the leftists and minorities came out in force. Lesson learned, never assume anything.

2016 has to be different! We need a strong leader that knows how to save money money, not act like a kid in a candy shop. We need a leader who acts and speaks to the world like a professional. Someone who conducts himself like an adult in good and bad situations. Too date, we have had a child like executive that conducts himself in an adversarial role. Our reputation in the world has been dimished. We need a strong Republican leader that is the opposite of Barack Obama.

In the coming 20 months we are going to see a lot of candidates make a lot of promises and claims. We must vet these candidates and follow up ion their claims and promises to see if they can be achieved. We cannot be side tracked by small scandals that will come up. We cannot fall into the trap of the left throwing out false claims to have us take our eye off of the ball. As we go through the process, Win Back America will keep you informed. Stay alert, be informed and vote in 2016.


Are we in World War III?

March 2nd, 2015

Mideast Iraq Are we in World War III with ISIS?

ISIS has killed people from several countries and religions. Their intent is to draw the world into a world war to bring about their caliphate. The acts of beheading and murder are not random acts, they are planned to get a response from the major countries of the world so that we react and play into their hands of starting the final battle for Islam.

We have a population of 7.6 billion people and ISIS has an army size of 40,000. If the world teamed up to defeat ISIS they would annihilate them in 5-7 days. However, the world seems to only react when there citizens are murdered. Like WWII, countries are watching the genocide of man in the middle east and allowing these atrocities to continue without stepping in.

We are in the very first stages of world war III and it will escalate to a full world war if we continue to stand by and observe. Our only chance of stopping a full world war is to kill ISIS now and not wait for politics. Our President holds the power to unite the world in short order and stamp out this plague on the earth. If he does not act, ISIS will and we will see attacks on U.S. soil and other countries from lone wolves and small cells. I urge you to contact you congressman and urge them to act to convince our President to act now.