Thanks for watching Hillary's America! We want to know how the film affected your decisions in this election.

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The Film

Has your opinion of the Democratic Party changed since viewing the film?

Were you aware of the Republican support for civil rights before viewing the film?

Did you learn more about the origins of Planned Parenthood than you previously knew while watching this film?

Before watching the film, did you know that Republicans led the first Civil Rights movement and Democrats opposed it?

Were you aware of the Republican opposition to Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal bill before watching this film?

Would you consider the facts you learned in the film to be surprising?

Did you learn something new from watching the film?

Would you say that the film was educational?

Would you recommend the film to a friend?

Are you interested in other movies similar to the film?

Your Opinions

Do you believe candidates should be hosting private, off-the-record parties where they meet with reporters to include them in campaign plans?

Is it ethical for news reporters to send their work to a campaign for approval before publishing?

Should news reporters be biased towards one candidate and push their agenda?

Do you believe candidates who receive six figure payments for private speeches to large corporations could be biased?

Should a candidate receive townhall or debate questions prior to the event when their opponents do not?

Do you believe companies should donate millions to candidates they believe will later watch out for them?

Your Information

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